Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The plane that sent me to the hospital.


Dear Diary
Life in the trenches is horrible, the food is horrible but better than no food. I just woke up at 5:30 AM. My friends are here they have woken up too. They say we have to go it is not safe here. We get up and climb out of the trench while we run it’s silent. We have to dig another trench, a little trench just to fit us three Larry, Joe and I. Larry gets out his heavy metal shovel and starts digging a trench. He has been digging for about 30 minutes. We start hearing shooting Larry is nearly done. When he is done we get in and take our backpacks off and get some food out, the food is meat stew YUCK!!.

Joe is watching the surroundings so no enemies come while we eat. When we finished eating it’s our turn to protect Joe, we see some enemies coming. I aimed my sniper rifle ready to shoot. They see us, we see them, they started running towards us and they shoot. I shoot, one of them falls, I’m not sure if he’s dead or I shot his leg. I get down, Larry falls, I think he is dead, he is still talking, “I will be fine,” he said. He was shot in the shoulder. I look out to where the enemies were, they aren’t there any more, I say it’s safe. Larry clambers up off the ground and then Joe gives him a bandage and wraps it around his arm and shoulder.

We all stink we have not had a shower in like a year, we haven’t changed clothes in 3 months. The day has gone past really fast we are about to go to sleep when a plane flies past and drops some bombs. We try to hide but it’s no use we are covered in dirt and sand I can’t feel my legs, next I wake up in the hospital.

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