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Jun 2, 2016 9:56:14 AM.jpg ANDREI INFORMATION REPORT
WALT inform others about an animal/creature or habitats through our writing
                                                              The Awesome TigerSouth China tiger
This Is The Tiger

Tigers are amazing animals they are really stealthy and strong. There are six subspecies that are still alive, they are the Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, South China tiger and indo-chinese there a a couple that are extinct the Bali tiger went extinct in 1940 the Javan tiger is extinct it lived on the island of java,  And the Caspian tiger that became extinct in the 1970’s.

The tiger is a large cat it is mostly orange with black stripes and has a white tummy.
Tigers can also come in white.
It has whiskers just like a cat and ears like a cat it's pretty much a large cat
The tiger's claws can grow up to 12 cm long and its teeth can grow up to 10 cm.
The tigers lives from 20 to 26 year old. The tiger has pink paws.

Tiger’s diet consists fully of meat the tiger mostly eats deer and wild pig. tigers can bite through thick skin because it's teeth are sharp and really long. When the tiger is hungry it looks for prey when it finds its prey it sneaks up to it until it is 5 meters away then it leaps at its prey, knocks it over and bites it in the neck then eats till it is full it will return to finish when it is hungry again. And also the top of the food chain.


The colour of the tiger’s fur will helps to hide themselves from predators. They can also protect themselves with their long claws, sharp teeth and heavy body weight. Tigers can also swim and climb a tree to get away.


Since the tiger is at the top of the food chain there isn’t much that gets in its way, but some of the larger species of animals can. The buffalo is one of them because they are so large and powerful one kick and one less tiger. Another animal that is a threat is a bear. The bears sharp claws can tear through the tiger’s skin. Even elephants can attack a tiger but only to protect themselves


Tigers prefer hunting alone, that way they can rely on their own hunting skills. Even though tigers hunt alone they will usually share their food with others. Tigers are most likely to hunt in the late afternoon till night time that way their prey won’t see them . They usually hunt larger prey like Antelopes or wild pig. A tiger can stalk up to 20 animals before finally catching one. But then the tiger rests for 2-3 days because they only need to hunt once or twice a week. You may think that the tiger can run for a long period of time but actually they can run really fast but for a short period of time. The way they attack their prey is, first they'll camouflage themselves in bushes or in tall grass, then they will sneak up to their belly dragging on the ground, finally they will leap towards their prey bowl the over and bite it in the neck.

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